Inaugurated in Jan. 2023, the first school Viratra Public School was started at Nasirabad, Ajmer with the best facilities for the students and we received very encouraging response from the parents of near by localities having children from decent families though few schools earlier were available within approachable reach. Even in many cases the children are coming from far distance on their own transport leaving the established schools and this really proves the popularity and image built up by the school during this period

The Viratra Public School was started at Ganpati Vihar Colony Near Housing Board Colony Nasirabad Ajmer in Jan 2023 in a sprawling large area. The school is built in one side corner of the town to provide natural and peaceful ideal environment to the students for the development of inherited potential and concentration of mind.

Viratra Group of Schools - Dedicated to excellence and innovation strives to foster the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development of its student through multifarious holistic educational milieus and peridium shift in the mindset of the educators and students. We offer world class infrastructure qualified & dedicated faculty, excellent environment for academic and co-curricular activities ,well equipped computer and science labs, well stocked library and a host of other indoor and outdoor games and sports. Emphasis is given on training in horse riding, martial arts and gymnastics with special focus on Indian culture and heritage.

We have entered the new millennium with the world constantly making new and amazing strides to make the universe a better place to co-exist and flourish. Come! Join us to transform your potentialities into realities and also to fortify yourself with the required knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the competitive world.


  • The schools have been established to cater the all round development of individuals and their personalities, without discrimination of caste, colour-creed or status, in any respect whatsoever.
  • To impart appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes in the contest of the dynamic Indian socio-economic scenario with a view to foster the capability for discipline, independent thought, exploration and experimentation as a continuing process.
  • To create a decent, friendly, upright and secular community atmosphere within the institution, we emphasise on the dignity of individuals.
  • To ensure that the fee and other charges are in commensurate with the facilities offered and children are in all respect benefitted for the single penny paid by them.

Practical Objectives

  • To staff the schools with intelligent and committed teachers and to strengthen the faculty in all disciplines to provide high standard of quality education to the students.
  • To motivate teachers professionally, by providing the most modern teaching aids including audio visual equipment and by providing a balanced staff students radio and to cater all the required modern and high tech needs of the students.
  • To create a curriculum, in accordance with the current educational norms, where the students need not to take disappropriate amount of school home work in order to remain academically at par.